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2024.02.18 00:58

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INTERFACE is the name of the core program of Simply Mobilizing that focuses on the development of missional churches. It seeks to answer the WHY question, of missional church, from a clear Biblical, historical and strategic perspective. It also answers the question, ‘What does a missional church’ or a ‘church on mission with God’, look like?

INTERFACE can fit into an existing denominational or church structure. It will help in establishing missional thinking and practice in all local churches, irrespective of size, denominational affiliation or culture.


The purpose of INTERFACE is to help church leaders and their teams:

  • Guide their churches into becoming truly missional churches where God’s people can access pathways for nurturing, equipping, and being released into a life on mission with God.
  • transition from an old paradigm that sees mission as a department of the church to being the center and the defining purpose of the church.


The basic core beliefs of INTERFACE are:

  1. The Bible is a Story about God on Mission and God on Mission with His People. Jesus taught his disciples to interpret scripture in the context of mission. We must, therefore, do the same (Lk 24:44-47).
  2. All Believers are Called to be on Mission with God – The New Testament marked the inauguration of the ministry of all believers. The Holy Spirit was poured out on all God’s people for this very purpose (Ac 1:8).
  3. Mission Must be Understood as Holistic – God’s mission agenda is broad, so ours must be also. It involves reaching unreached peoples, church planting and making disciples, and influencing society as salt and light.
  4. Churches must Prepare God’s People for Works of Service (mission) – Missional churches are identified by their focus on nurturing, equipping, and releasing God’s people to a life of fruitful mission with God (Eph 4:11-16, Jn 15: 1-8).
  5. Mission Today is Carried Out in the Context of a Globalized World – Our world has changed, our message remains the same, but our mission approaches must change if we are to take advantage of the huge opportunities for mission in today’s world.


The INTERFACE program involves a seminar (event) and subsequent consultations and activities (process) to move towards the full expression of missional thinking and practice through an entire local church.


 CONTACT   gyoojun_lee@wycliffe.ca  416-888-2262










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